ChaoticMatter (chaoticmatter) wrote,

Old fiction becomes new?

It appears I've rediscovered a novel project from the summer of 2006; I found it, read it over lunch yesterday, and realized I actually kind of liked it.

So far, my favourite parts:

"I threw a paperweight through the plate glass window of his fifth storey office, and to make it sweeter, it landed in the front seat of his new Mercedes. Through the windshield."

Inside, Bree was on the receiving end of a crushing hug from Margie, laughing at the nearing elderly woman's enthusiasm.

"Margie, I wasn't a prisoner of war in Africa or something," Bree protested half-heartedly, as spindly arms wound around her neck. "I was only in the city."

"Only the city! Why, that's ages away! Besides, I haven't seen you since the day you left," she fixed Bree with a firm gaze, posting her fists on her hips. "Someone doesn't know how to come by and visit."

Sheepishly, Bree grinned and shrugged one shoulder, "Um, damn teenagers?"
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