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Oh yeah.

Guess I haven't updated this for awhile with anything other than the list of books I've read. Boring, sorry.

Things I have been doing:

- working as a Systems Clerk; this entails being bored, emailing people, waiting for people to email me, answering my phone, answering other people's phones, distributing and receiving department keys, reconciling some budgets and some purchasing cards, booking rooms, ordering supplies, dealing with stupid suppliers, setting up interviews, photocopying, printing, scanning things, organizing old contracts into new pdfs, renaming lots of files, fixing old databases to make new sense.... you know, the usual. I also read twitter, wikipedia, and browse etsy all day.

- adhering more or less to a weekly writing time; Sundays, at least two hours, at the Black Stilt. Last week was rubbish, because Shannon kept interrupting me, thinking I liked history or something. Still, I organized some stuff. The main projects I've been working on are a joint novel with Ash (Boston Pack 1), a solo novel about small towns (haha, cowboys), and poking about a pair of very opposite graphic novels with Shannon.

- going to regular massage therapy appointments in order to cure what ails me. Before you ask, no it's not relaxing. It mostly just hurts.

- starting making things again, mostly necklaces and various play-doh sculptures to delight my co-workers. I have also put angry eyebrows on several pieces of office equipment.

Things I have done:

- Submitted short fiction and poetry entries into Polar 2009 competition; haven't heard back on either yet, but I'd like to think it's because they were so good, the judges all fainted for two weeks instead of sending me a response.

- bought a new laptop and an iPod touch; they are named Gladstone and The Marquess of Rockingham respectively.

- went to see the Tragically Hip in June; they were amazing. I almost wet myself I was so excited.

- got a tattoo; it's pretty neat, Shannon got the same one. We got them on opposite arms so we could link them and pretend to be an airplane. Handwritten font that says "it's all runway behind the plane", wisdom from Thompson.

- got my hair cut several times; it's short, it does stuff.

Things I am going to be doing:

- seeing Flogging Molly in Vancouver on 30 October. I will probably wet myself with excitement.

- kitchen science segments with Fmac, including soap making and edible recipes we find clever.

- creating handicrafts with Fmac that we can sell to people who think they are cool.

- eating lunch pretty soon

- doing another job alongside my current job. Hopefully it will keep me from getting bored, doing two person's worth of work.
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